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Welcome to Riverdale!

Riverdale Community League is pleased to welcome you to Edmonton's best little community! The League was founded in 1920 and is a founding member of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

About Us

RiverdaleRiverdale is one of Edmonton’s most picturesque communities. It is a diverse river valley neighbourhood located just east of Edmonton’s downtown center. The community is bordered by the North Saskatchewan River and surrounded by the cliffs of the river valley. Because of this location Riverdale remains distinct and retains its identity as a separate and unified community. Riverdale has been able to maintain much of its original charm and small town feel; where community pride and spirit run strong.

RiverdaleRiverdale’s proximity to Fort Edmonton encouraged the fur traders of the late 1700s to take up residence. They were followed by pioneers who began panning for gold along the river. In the 1880s settlers arrived and developed Riverdale into one of Edmonton’s first industrial districts. These newcomers to Canada were instrumental in establishing Edmonton’s growing economy by founding lumber yards, brick yards and coal mines on the large flat area which was then becoming known as Fraser Flats. Sharing a common cause, these entrepreneurs and tradesmen worked together to build a strong community with traditions that last to this day.