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Community Programs

In partnership with the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, several popular programs are run within the community of Riverdale.

Riverdale Reconciliation Committee | After-School Club | Badminton | Childcare
Community Garden | Community Swim | Green Shack | Kid's Campus | Soccer | Sustainability

RRC Coordinator

Madeleine Smith

Riverdale Reconciliation Committee

Truth and ReconcilliationThe Riverdale Reconciliation Committee (RRC) is an initiative that is building off of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions by participating in the effort of healing and reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians. This committee hosts and organizes gatherings for Riverdale residents to engage in dialogue, build knowledge, and understanding of Canada’s collective history with Aboriginal people and learn about Aboriginal Culture and traditions.

After-School Club Coordinator

Contact info coming soon...

After-School Club

Content coming soon...

Badminton Coordinator

Eric Gormley



Riverdale Elementary School gym.

Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Beginning of October to end of April. Game times and dates will be posted soon...

In the summer we apply for gym time through the City for the next year.


We welcome all ages; parents come with children, teens, and adults. For the most part it is non-competitive and people rarely have to wait to get on the court.

Racquets and birds are supplied.

Childcare Centre Coordinator

Theresa Anhill





Riverdale Community Hall

RD Childcare Website

RD Childcare Facebook Page


Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Riverdale Community Childcare Centre

“Success Begins Through Play”

Our Philosophy

We are an accredited not for profit daycare center.

The objective of Riverdale CCC is to provide a setting where children are encouraged to learn in a warm and stimulating play environment that fosters independence and encourages activities that lead to a sense of accomplishment. Learning is fun and through child’s play we provide a satisfying and stimulating experience for each child.


Staff are responsive to the children’s needs, aware of their development, interests and realities, and use this information as a basis for planning activities that are open ended, child directed, and based on learning through play.


The program is varied: large and small muscle activities, indoor and outdoor play, use of imaginative materials or creative media, and real life equipment. All planning is modified to accommodate the needs and interests of individual children.

We can accommodate 14 children between the ages of 3-5.

Community Garden Coordinator

Pamela Johnson



  • 24 regular plots
  • 3 raised beds for those with mobility issues

Plot Availability

Currently there is a wait-list for garden plots.

Community Garden

Community GardenRiverdale Community Garden is a pesticide free gardening space available to all Riverdale community league members.


Nominal fees support collective infrastructure like a composting area.

Garden Area

Last year we decided to add space for all Riverdalians to enjoy. You will see the space grow in spring 2015 on the north of Riverdale House. It will be planted with fruit trees and others for any passerby to enjoy!


At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each spring, the group makes decisions about tweaking how our spaces work. For example, we may ban potato growing in 2015 for one year to discourage Potato Beetles.

This year our group is also talking with Sustainable Food Edmonton about setting up a system whereby homeowners with extra space can match up with people looking for more land turn into production. We also have ambitions to host skill building workshops like canning, fermenting, and food storage.

Community League Wellness Program

Community league members get 10% off multi admission passes and annual memberships at all Edmonton Sports and Leisure Facilities. Call 780.944.7744 for more info.

Community Swim

A free swim program open to Riverdale Community League members.


October to June

Locations & Times

  • Downtown YMCA (Don Wheaton) Sundays from 1 - 5 pm
  • Commonwealth Recreation Centre on Saturdays from 5 - 7 pm ( includes Field House, Gymnasium, Aquatic Centre & Fitness Centre access)

Green Shack Coordinator

Contact info coming soon...

Green Shack

Content coming soon...

Kid's Campus Coordinator

Contact info coming soon...

Kid's Campus

Content coming soon...

Sustainability Coordinator

Rocky Feroe

Message from the Program Coordinator:

"I am looking to grow a committee. In the interim, our byline is "we do nothing it is totally sustainable". If you have ideas to further our efforts please contact me and consider joining the team.

I am well connected in the Environmental Community and would love to help facilitate and support those with ideas on helping our league become civic leaders in Stewardship and Sustainability."



Sustainability at the hall

Did you know that the Riverdale Community league committed to being Carbon Neutral in 2008? This makes us the first hall to be carbon neutral in the whole Federation of Edmonton Community Leagues. We currently achieve our "status" via energy efficient retrofits (LED lights, on-demand hot water, high efficiency windows and more) and a small Photo Voltaic solar system on Riverdale House.

Please participate in the survey below about a proposed Solar System in Riverdale.

Create your own user feedback survey



Solar Energy and Sustainability Social


Join us on Sunday, June 7, 2015 to learn about sustanability and get inspired to take action. A funfilled, family event with displays, presentations and activities for the whole family.



Sunday, June 7, 2015
11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Riverdale Community League
9231-100 Avenue, Edmonton




  • SESA Solar Technology Demonstration Trailer
  • Solar Ovens
  • City of Edmonton, The Way We Green Tent
  • Bike Generator Activity , Games
  • City of Edmonton, Master Composters
  • Composting, Grass Cycling
  • Information on Edmonton's Energy Transition Plan
  • Permaculture Installaton



Scheduled Events:

  • 11:00 am Solar Power
    • Mikhail Ivanchikov of Dandelion Renewable
  • 11:30 am Solar on Your Home
    • Rocky Feroe, home owner
  • 12:00 pm Growing Food at Home
    • Carla Meyer of Sustainable Food Edmonton
  • 1:00 pm Solar Power
    • Mikhail Ivanchikov of Dandelion Renewables
  • 1:30 pm Permaculture
    • Edmonton Permaculture Group