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How to Play Table Tennis/ Ping Pong – Basics

Beginners need to learn the basics of table tennis as they start playing the game. If you wish to learn to play table tennis, you will need the help of an expert, who will teach you how to play the game. This is one sport, which can be played and enjoyed by the young and old alike. So, here are some basic rules of playing table tennis.

Start With The Fundamentals:

Ping Pong is not a complex game. This is a simple game which can be learnt with effort and dedication. Get started and you will learn the game in a short time. The fundamentals of table tennis are related to the following:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Footwork
  • Forehand push
  • Serve
  • Return of serve
  • Match Play

If you are able to learn all these skills, you will be able to master the game in a short time. Here are some interesting facts which will help you.

Grip, Stance and The Footwork:

The above three are the basic foundation of learning the game. Anyone who is learning to play ping pong has to understand the positioning of these three. Beginners need to pay special attention on this as they get started. There are several players who might have a tendency to skip this and move straight to hitting the balls. But, never try to do this. Why would you not strengthen your learning ability and skills when you have a good scope? If you have a weak foundation, your entire game might actually fall down. You might not be able to continue playing the game later on. It might be difficult to improve later on.

Forehand Drive, Backhand Drive, Forehand and Backhand Push:

Now, once you have grasped all the basics well, it is time to learn the skills well. Strokes are an important part of the game. They help in mastering the skills and learn the game so that you can win. When it is about the strokes, you need to learn the four basic strokes. This actually creates the bulk of game. If you wish to learn the game, you need to master the right technique. Thus, if you master the right technique, you will be able to develop good consistency and make accurate shots when you play the game.

The last three are usually the serving, return serve and the match play which need to be learnt well. These are the finishes touch which will help in converting all your recently learnt skills to points in match. It is actually of no good, when your abilities do not transit in a competitive situation.

How Long Should You Practice:

Once you have learnt how to play the game, you shouldn’t sit back and relax, believing you have learnt the game and you have nothing to worry. Just like all other sports, you need to practice the game so that you are able to master all skills. You need to spend at least one hour each day, as you practice so that you are able to master the skills the well.

Fundamental Skills to Master Table Tennis:

In modern days, there are a few table tennis skills which you need to master so that you succeed in the long run. If you are really keen to learn the game and play well with your best paddle, remember these are the fundamental skills, which you need to know.

  • Grips – You need to master the grips well. There are usually two kinds of grips which are common in table tennis. Usually shake hand or the orthodox grip is commonly used. The pen hold drip is also quite common.
  • Services – If you practice well, you will learn the services well. Chopped service, the side spin service, the back hand spin service and side spin service are the most common skills which need to be mastered.
  • Strokes – Learning different strokes is important. Some skills which need to be mastered include flat returns, lift return, defensive strokes, chop back hand and more.
  • Counter Attack – You need to learn this powerful stroke too in return of a good stroke.

These are some of the basics in Ping Pong which need to be learnt well.

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